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Get To Know Our Fascinating Science Magazines

Are you interested in the fascinating questions and answers taking place in the fields of natural science and humanities? If yes, a rich treasure of scientific magazines are waiting for you to discover them. From sociology up to geology, you’ll get the most current information about the respective area of expertise.

Shop just the way you’d like: You have wide interests and you can get enthusiastic about the various contents found in science magazines? Wonderful! Because not only will you receive complete issues, you also have the option of selecting individual articles from the magazines. Certainly, you can also subscribe to the science magazines’ issues or pay a flat rate and receive a bundle of different magazines.

Read just the way you’d like: You like to “feel” your reading experience of haptic perception? Or perhaps you prefer electronic reading material? Whichever way you desire, your science magazine adapts to your requests and reading habits: You can order the magazines in digital as well as printed format. Should you prefer the electronic way, simply download your epaper as a PDF-file or read it in the App.

Gain Interesting Insight into Nature

Whether it concerns new measurement procedures, a critically discussed vaccine or even the discovery of new planets: Science never stands still. The editors of science magazines are constantly engaged with finding fascinating topics being discussed in areas of expertise and thus, surprising their readers. They work over the complex contents in wellresearched articles; comprehensibly and appealingly.

As a reader of modern science magazines, you keep up with the newest status quo of the expert discussions and at the same time, learn about the research results and positions of proven experts. You continuously expand your professional expertise and always receive new impulses for your own work and your personal topics.

Discover the Diversity of the Humanities

Which upbringing methods fit best to the challenges of our time? Which social values will be important in the year 2030? Which influence will social media have on the modern election campaign? The humanities are full of fascinating questions like these. Through comprehensive research, expert-interviews or revealing infographics, editors of the science magazines make these questions accessible to a wide range of readers, and invite them to an intensive debate including expert challenges.

Whoever’s interested in humanities subjects just can’t pass up these premium science magazines: Here, you’ll the positions of proven experts about current topics, receive substantiated reports about the newest studies and continuously expand your know-how along your selected field of knowledge.

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